HKA tots classes. From the age of 3 years old, HKA understands how important it is to have POSITIVE ROLE models. We train and challenge even the youngest of minds and with over 40 years of teaching experience collectively HKA is the largest knowledge base in the area.

Our 3 main coaches understand the importance of starting them young giving them a safe place to train, understand the importance of fitness while having fun, improve balance/coordination, understand right from wrong and follow simple tasks and instructions, and of course along with some NON contact kickboxing.



Cadets classes at HKA. Our cadets class is for children aged 7-11, this is a massive class where so many dreams come true. Every champion is a beginner to start with!

We have to walk before we can run, and again in a very light contact session with between 4/8 coaches with many years of experience to help our little ones get the best out of their class.



Teens Kickboxing at HKA. This class is aged for 11-16 + our strong cadets, these classes are aimed for the teenage years where they will develop and have the best gains mentally and physically.

As they mature from children into young adults this time period can change their life and bring with it many doors of opportunity. HKA is a great place to focus, take out some stress, develop awesome friendships, and start to become a strong Kickboxing Champion.



HKA beginners class. Everyone is welcome, It's a friendly and relaxed class where everybody is welcome to try kickboxing/ keep fit/ tone up and most important of all it's a great stepping stone for bigger challenges.

It not as scary as some think! It is possible to burn up to 1000 calories an hour so the only question is… When are you coming up to start?



Advanced sessions with HKA This class is stepped up in every sense with many long and intense drills, circuits and full contact sparring as just a start.

Full kit is needed along with the want to be training at 110%. We are all great friends and have a huge respect for each other. As we know each other so well as a team this allows us to push us to the limit in a controlled environment.



Cardio core and conditioning. This 45 min blast is like no other session around. If it's Fitness and Calorie burning you need?

Then this is the class! Fighters condition and devolved strength and conditioning, we work as a team and everyone works at their own pace so every member is conformable but pushed to their limit.