Peaky Blinders

Local Club Hastings kickboxing Academy have been asked to be extras on the set Peaky blinders season 4, to possibly show off their boxing skills. Filming a few months ago in and around Liverpool. Almost overnight, the streets of Liverpool aged by 90 years, with the yellow road lines obscured, and vintage cars lining the roads, plus some classic advertising billboards to recreate 1920s Birmingham.

Owner Carl Denne, Fighters Dan Wright and Taz Almony all went up to play roles as Boxers along with Sophie North to be a Peaky girl “to be honest we were happy just to be in the background and take it all in, watch all the actors do their thing and see how it all goes down! I have to say I have a new RESPECT for all actors and everyone involved! Even more so the staff. Up at 4:30am, Make up, hair, Wardrobe all starts at 5:30am. After 3+ hours of preparation filming started and continued through till 7/8pm…. then do it all again the next day” Carl Continues “Although we can’t say too much due to the filming and giving out spoilers, the Peaky sets were amazing, attention to detail, all staff were happy and buzzing on what little sleep they have had, Its been filmed to the finest detail and I feel extremely honoured to be apart of it and cant wait to watch it all later in the year!”.

We couldn’t have asked for more, acting along side the cast, being involved closely in a few scenes with the likes of Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson,Helen McCrory and many more. Although we have done a few little bits of filming here and there this is by far the biggest opportunity we have ever had and looking forward to watching season 4 with everyone for its release later on this year.