This Morning

6 years ago, I was asked by a friend, if they could use my daughters on the This morning showing. My friends husband was a producer of itv. They asked me, knowing how confident and chatty Beth and leigha were. From a young age, they have been around the gym, around lots of people. Myself and there dad, have taken them lots of places. So confidence is something they do have. Beth and leigha have always been known to be happy chatty children. They were first asked to help the chief Phil Vickery to make home made ice cream. And because they were so confident were asked to stay on and promote active kids. Trying to get children to be children and have fun outside. So of course Beth and leigha were happy to, they went on to be filmed playing on scooters,bouncy castles and other out door toys. As parents and instructors of HKA we are all for active kids and healthy living. Children being outside rather than being in on a computer was a great idea. And we will always promote this!