Videos ft HKA

EEW - Behaviour work shop. HKA worked closely with with a small group of children that attend a extra curricular group developed to deal with children with anger management amongst other issues they may have. As main stream schools struggle to deal with these students. For 6 weeks we worked/trained and taught the children the importance of team work, anger management and why we should get along with each other. We gave them a place to focus and divert their energy into something positive, with constant reinforcement and the balance of discipline and respect.

Channel 4 disabled documentary This documentary was filmed over a few months, covering the background life story of a wheelchair user and the highs and lows of dealing with being in a chair, the balance and challenges that arise from day to day.

Morrocans life story. Fight for your life . Over a few years HKA worked with a group of kickboxers from Morocco. It started off with HKA going over to train and help teach the children from a small poor town called Taroudant. For 5 days we were kindly shown their way of life. Training, running and day trips out to show us their culture. A year later HKA funded a trip where 3 of their young and keen fighters came over to train and see our way of life in the UK, finally ending up competing at a International level at HKA’s Fight Night 3. From there they have moved forward into producing some great little videos and short feature films (see below). "Life is a struggle", the title of the film sums up the March Mustapha Saban Son of Taroudant and hugging his dream in the world. "Combat of life", a film that speaks of a young child of Taroudant who hopes to become a world champion in kick boxing. "Fight for your life", a short movie about Moustapha who dreams to one day be a world champion.